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Hope it's ok but, I wanted to do a different Show and Tell :)

We have recently gotten in so many adorable items that I wanted to do a show and tell!

These are all SO gorgeous and on SALE!!

Plus, no coupons needed here - I call it the Screw the Coupon Sale!!

Turn your head and say la la la la if you can't look :)

1. My FAVE fabric is BACK! I love everything about Pure!!

But really, how could you not - turquoise and blue heaven!!

2. We have these little gnome wee folks - with bolts arriving soon. SO CUTE!!

3. We have more Frolic. How can you NOT love Frolic? The fat quarter bundle even comes with an adorable bundle. SUPER cute!!

4. Into something more traditional? Lookie at Luna Notte! Pretttttyyyyyyy

5. I am in love with Kate Spain. I admit it. Her designs are always spot on and beautiful. Fandango was no exception to this rule and we wanted more of it!

I could do a special blog post on our new batik bundles that are so pretty but, instead I will leave you with a question....

What is your all time favorite fabric? Do you have a pic you can show us?

Ack...is that the UPS man with more fabric? Watch your emails!!

Help :) I need your opinion!

So I need your opinion on something.

There is a HUGE company called BuySafe that offers protection for you - the customer. I am sure you have heard of them before because they are on a number of the big retailers websites. They basically give insurance to you the customer except - we are going to pay for your insurance :)

Let me explain...

If we purchase this service, you will be guaranteed the following:
  • $500 Purchase Guarantee – a third party guarantee of the terms of sale
  • $10,000 ID Theft Protection – comprehensive identity theft coverage
  • $100 Lowest Price Guarantee – if the store price drops within 30 days of a purchase
Let's discuss each one a little more.

$500 Purchase Guarantee - Get what you paid for, or your money back. All the terms of sale for your purchase are guaranteed, including product authenticity, up to $500.

So if we don't take care of you, BuySafe will. Now, based on our track record.. you know we will totally hook you up but, this is just a back up insurance :))

Identity Theft Protection. - Comprehensive ID theft coverage for 30 days. Your identity is protected and you have access to free professional ID theft remediation services for the next 30 days. Coverage applies for all online and offline identity theft, wherever it occurs.

We pay more than the average hosting fees for our website because we use Yahoo. Yahoo is VERY secure and we want to protect your information. Again, this is a back up plan for you... our customer.

Lowest Price Guarantee for 30 days. If the price at this store drops within 30 days of your purchase, we'll pay you the difference, up to $100 per transaction and up to a maximum of $200 per claimant in any twelve-month period.

This is the part I personally LOVE the best. I hate it when I buy something and 2 weeks later it goes on sale.


I wait for it to go on sale and by the time it does, what I was waiting for is gone.

This would protect our customers of having that same problem.

Here is where I need your help.

Before I go and purchase this "insurance," is this something that you would want to see on our website?

Again, you would NOT have to pay for anything extra. I just would really love your opinion :))

Thank you everyone!

OH!! We got in 5 more boxes from Moda today so watch your email for a new newsletter coming soon :))

Let's See Who Won Our Giveaway!

I am SO excited!! Only 6 more days until we start the very first online quilting book club!

The book we are using is so wonderful and I can't wait for everyone to grab their copy! Thank you everyone for all of your input during this giveaway. Thank you for all of your fun comments and thank you everyone for being absolutely WONDERFUL!!

We are a part of the BEST community.

So let's start drawing some winners shall we?

Remember, we are drawing winners on this site AND on the quilting book club website. Make sure to visit BOTH blogs but, make sure to give me time to post to both blogs too *wink*

On this blog we are drawing for 1 winner who will win the kit of their choice.

Or are we only drawing 1 winner?

Let's just see shall we :)

Our first winner for their very own quilt kit is......

Congrats Peach Rainbow!! You are going to get the beautiful Sunkissed Kit!

Now, this was our BIGGEST giveaway EVER and that is all because of YOU! You helped spread the word. You helped to tell all of your friends. You helped us have 414 comments.

So let's pick one more winner just because we can :)

Congrats Pojeda. I believe you picked out a Summer Breeze Kit :) 

Are we done giving away prizes?


You know I love prizes and goodies. Plus, I am on some serious drugs right now because of what happened last night. So let's give more stuff away!!!

Who wants a $50 gift card to spend on whatever they want?

This is a special drawing for all of those that blogged about us. I know that takes time and effort and I really appreciate it!!

I counted up the bloggers and the winner was....

Congrats Debra!! You just won a $50 Gift Card to spend on whatever you want!!
We aren't done yet :))

Our next winner is.....

All of our bloggers!!

I really appreciate all of our bloggers that took the top to create a post about our giveaway. So I am going to send you a $10 coupon so you can buy some Fat Quarters for your stash!

Only one gift per person please between both blogs :))

All of my winners, please email me by going to our contact us page.


Due to my injury that I received yesterday, I may not get to your email as quickly as I normally do. I promise, I will get to it this week though!!!

For those of you that did not win, I am so very sorry and I appreciate all of you. Thank you for taking the time to enter our giveaway and make sure to follow our blog and newsletter.

We are doing giveaways each and every week here at 1 Choice!

3 Giveaways Ending Tonight With 5 Winners - Happy Easter :)

I have to tell you, although we are a new online store - I really do LOVE my job.

I have met the most AMAZING friends and I love every single one of them. Thank you every one for brightening up my life every single day.

The last few days have been really rough but, you all have been so supportive and so wonderful. I cannot thank you all enough. Virtual hugs for you!!

Ok... enough of all that!

Let's get to the fun ok?

Tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern we have 3 different giveaways ending  -

1- On our blog you get your choice of The Quilting Book Club Kit. You can enter that contest by going to:


2. On The Quilting Book Club site, you can win a Sherbert Pips Kit and two other winners will win the Modern Basics book. You can enter the contest here:


3. If you have a blog and you blogged about the giveaway, you are entered into a special drawing.

If you do a special blog today about the giveaway - go ahead and enter one more time on both websites. This will put you in our special drawing for.....

Yep, today is all about sharing the love!!!

We want to spread the word about this new and fun book club. Who is better than you guys about spreading the word? Nobody!

So make sure you are entered into our giveaways and  make sure you have a fabulous day!


If you feel like shopping today for fabric, check out all of our new bundles and 30% off items! Plus we have been getting in all kinds of new fabric!

Easter Sale on New Fabrics That Just Arrived!

Hello and Happy Easter Eve!

I am so excited to tell you about our new fabrics that just arrived.


Because they are so beautiful AND they are on SALE!

Back by popular demand we have in stock and 25% off regular price:
I have always wanted to say this - But wait! There's more :)

We also have:
  • More bundles - Order any size! Fat quarters, Half yards, or Full yards 
  • Batiks
  • Pom Pom de Paris
  • Just Wing It
  • Sherbert Pips
  • Lil Rascals
  • MANY new products in our 30% off page
  • and much much more.

You just have to come see for yourself.


So head on over and start shopping.

Then enjoy your family tomorrow for Easter and hug them all tight. I was reminded yesterday that life is scary and can change in an instant. Hug your loved ones tight!

Talk to you soon!


This weekend, every order comes with a package of Schmetz quilting needles too!

With Just a Touch of Fabric You Can Create.....

People amaze me with what they can do with just a touch of fabric.

For instance, you know I love to send little goodies in our orders right?

Well, one of our customers was buying up some Sunkissed and I had some that was a little odd shaped. My wonderful husband was cutting fat quarters and in the middle of it, forgot what size he was cutting :)

No big deal! Now we have some Sunkissed Goodies to send *laughing*

So I send some miscut beautiful pink fabric to our wonderful customer Sharon and look at what she created!!

Isn't this the cutest Ipad Case?

 So cute!!

Let me show you something else SUPER cute! Nancy, the lady that helps me in the afternoons, took a few scraps home, and look at what she created!!

 Notice how each egg is unique with ribbons, paint, beads, and fabric?

What have you been creating with just a touch of fabric?

Post a link to your picture so we can share with others too :)

New Goodies, New Member of the Family, and Did You Get in Our Two Giveaways?

I wanted to introduce you to the latest member of our family....Gonzo.

Gonzo is 4 months old and is a beautiful Pit Bull puppy.

Who also got a little tired of doing all the paperwork involved to adopt him.


By the end, he was grabbing the pen and helping his Daddy sign the paperwork. He came to live with 2 Golden Retrievers, another Pit Bull, and 2 horses on our ranch. 

He has been wonderful except one thing. 

He snores. Loud.

So anyway....

The last 2 days I have been dying!! I ran out of needles. I love my quilting needles!!


Because I think every quilter needs more quilting needles and I put them in EVERY order that comes in.

So yes, it has been KILLING me to be out the last two days!

But today the nice mailman came with needles and more goodies for me to put in our orders.

I love giving goodies to customers :)) All feels right in the world again.

Ok so here are a few big things to make sure you know of:
  1. We have a great giveaway going on for our new online quilting book club.
  2. We have a second giveaway going on over at the new online quilting book club blog.
  3. We have been creating some beautiful kits for the new book club.
  4. We have been adding new items to the 30% off special page on a daily basis. If you want some great deals on great fabric - check it out!
  5. Stay tuned for new fabric coming in today and tomorrow. Make sure you are on our newsletter for first dibs!

New Online Quilting Book Club and Two New Giveaways!

I have been so excited to tell you about this little project I have been working on!!

It is called The Quilting Book Club and it is an online book club for quilters. We will do 12 patterns each year from 2 or 3 different books. I have picked out the first book and it is called Modern Basics by Amy Ellis.

Our 1st pattern from this book is SUPER cute and looks super easy too. This will give us a chance to start early on those Christmas presents!!

We have created 3 kits for this pattern and one lucky winner from our blog is going to win the kit of their choice.

PLUS - After you enter this giveaway, you get to enter a 2nd time over at The Quilting Book Club Blog. We are picking THREE winners over there. Now you have two chances to win!

First, let's get you entered into this giveaway :)

We are giving you 5 separate chances to win and recommend doing them all:

1. Answer the following question by leaving a comment on below - Which kit would you like to win?

2. If you decide to follow our blog (left column under what's new) or you already do follow us, leave us another comment letting us know you have.

3. If you decide to Follow us on Twitter or you already do, leave us another comment letting us know you have.

4. If you decide to head over to our Facebook page and click on the Like Button (OR use the toolbar below). Then leave us another comment letting us know you did!

5. If you decide to blog about our giveaway and tell all of your friends, please leave us a comment letting us know you did with the URL of your blog post. This REALLY helps us spread the word about our new club!
If you are a Facebook user having ANY problems leaving a comment, here is a tutorial:

Giveaway closes at 10PM Eastern Sunday April 24th.

P.S. Added more fabric to our 30% off Page if you need some gorgeous fabric :)

Five Winners - Who were they?? Plus - Lots of Items 30% Off!

My apologies for not having this up sooner today. We had a rough night here with the storms and today I was feeling just plain icky!

Plus, we were VERY busy today with orders.

Our newsletter subscribers received 1st dibs on over 60 fabrics added to our 30% off page. We have very limited quantities and most are discontinued items. Once they are gone, they will be removed from our site permanently :)

 Let's get to our winners shall we!
 We drew 5 different numbers as you can see above so let's find out who our winners are!

Our first two winners are.....

 Congrats #281 Lavender Lane who gave me the best laugh I could ask for today! LOVED your comments!!

Our second winner is #126


Congrats Krisgray!!

What did they win???

Lavender Lane and KrisGray have won 16 Fat Quarters of our lovely  Donna Dewberry Happy Flowers.


Our next 3 winners are #264, #91, and #89 in that order. Those winners are:

You 3 have to pick between some super cute prizes. The 1st winner will have 1st choice though :)

We picked up these cuties at the Sewing Expo in Chicago.

1st Choice - This cute little kit will allow you to create all kinds of goodies!

2. Use this leather notebook, the goodie bag, and create your own masterpiece. Here are a few samples of what we saw :)

3. A beautiful pin with lots of love from me to you.

Winners please click on the contact us page and send us all the details we need to send you your prizes.

For the last three winners, please tell us which one of the 3 goodies you would like in order (the one you want most to least). They are numbered 1 to 3 above.
Thank you everyone for joining in the fun and you know me, we will have another one VERY soon!

In the meantime, check out that 30% off page and have fun shopping. I will be adding some new items to our store this week!

It Just Feels Like We Should Have a New Giveaway - So Lets Do It and Have FIVE winners!!

Do you remember the conversation with my mother trying to pick one chic out of 5?

Imagine taking my mother to an entire warehouse of fabric. Imagine all the choices and imagine the conversations we had. Oh lordy.

There was one set of fabric though that she fell in love with....

Donna Dewberry Happy Flowers. Mom has her books, her products, her this, and her that. 
She was SO excited to see her fabric!!

So if you are THAT excited by Donna Dewberry too, then you are going to LOVE this giveaway!!

One lucky winner is going to win a lovely fat quarter bundle of this gorgeous fabric. There will be 16 fat quarters equaling 4 yards of fabric.

Wait, this fabric is really too cute to give to just one person.

Scratch that.

TWO lucky winners are going to win a fat quarter bundle of this adorable fabric!!


I went to a quilt show last week and picked up these super cute little goodies. Let's give those away too!!

Now we have FIVE winners!!

What do you have to do to win?

We are giving you 5 separate chances to win and recommend doing them all. Remember we are picking FIVE winners:

1. Answer the following question by leaving a comment on below - Out of all the Happy Flowers Fabric - Which one is your favorite? Me and mom couldn't decide which one was cuter!

2. If you decide to follow our blog (left column under what's new) or you already do follow us, leave us another comment letting us know you have.

3. If you decide to Follow us on Twitter or you already do, leave us another comment letting us know you have.

4. If you decide to head over to our Facebook page and click on the Like Button (OR use the toolbar below). Then leave us another comment letting us know you did!

5. If you decide to blog about our giveaway and tell all of your friends, please leave us a comment letting us know you did with the URL of your blog post. This REALLY helps us spread the word about our Grand Opening and we appreciate this so very much!
If you are a Facebook user having ANY problems leaving a comment, here is a tutorial:

Giveaway closes at 10PM Eastern Sunday April 10th.

P.S. Sign up for our newsletter for special offers and chances to win more prizes!

Quilting Through the Pain

I have had the pleasure of getting to know more about you, learn your stories, and learn who you are.

I have also learned about your pain.

I have learned that you have Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and like me... Ankylosis Spondylitis.

I have learned that sometimes the pain is not physical but, emotional.

Yet, here we are... quilting through the pain.

For me, quilting helps take the pain away. Quilting takes my mind to another place where pain is a distant memory. Only when I take a break do I realize, WOW I hurt.

I have seen a lot of posts recently about quilts being "good enough" or being too easy. I hope you will remember from this day forward...

Your quilt is perfect in every single way. Every quilt you make is a true masterpiece. Your quilt is a work of art. You sat through the pain to create something from your heart. Whether it took you 2 hours or 2 years... it was still made by YOU. It was made with love and it is PERFECT. It is a true treasure that everyone around you will love and adore because YOU took the time to make it.

The only quilt police out there is you. So go easy on yourself and be proud of everything you create.

One more thing to remember, you are not quilting through the pain by yourself. We are all in this together!

So Who Is The Winner of 7 GORGEOUS Yards of Anthology?

Turns out, everyone is loving Anthology!

The colors are GORGEOUS!! The prints! So much fun right?
So who were our lucky winners? Did I say winners? Hmmm

So who was 161?

Congrats Hannah!!
Hang on.

Wouldn't it totally suck if you were 160 and 163?
If it were me, I would be like, "Oh my gosh! I was so freaking close! Grrrrrrr."

I felt like we had to do SOMETHING! I mean you guys gave me 347 beautiful, funny, amazing comments that made my week! I can't even begin to thank you all for that!

So let's do this...
See this?

Super cute compact mirror and sewing kit. These are just one of the many different types goodies I was showing you that I like to give our customers when they order.

They are SO cute and I think # 160 and #162 should have one of these emailed to them in their FAVE color!

Because really, it does stink to be OH so close!
Congrats to Alicia and WandaFish!!

Winners - Please email me your addy so we can get your presents out.

Everyone else - I have a question for you - Would you be open to completing a short survey if I did a drawing for some gift certificates to our store?

You see... I want this to be YOUR store and I need help doing that. So I really want your input and I would love to ask you a couple of questions via a survey.

If you hate the idea, tell me that too. I am open for discussion!!

OH and stay tuned. You KNOW I love giveaways and another one will be coming sooner than you think!

Why Choose Us?

Because we promise you:
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  • We will find tools that help you save time.
  • We will find you precut or bundled fabrics that will save you time and money.
  • We will give you free shipping on all domestic orders.
  • We will ship all items USPS Priority Mail. This saves money and in most cases will arrive to your home in 1-3 business days.
  • We will ship your order the same day if purchased by 4:00 PM Eastern Monday through Friday.
The most important promise of 1 Choice 4 Quilting -

We will give you the absolute BEST customer service!


We are #1 in Customer Service - We have been operating online stores for over 10 years. Our customers all agree that 1 Choice goes above and beyond to make sure that you, our customer, is always put first. Shop online 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all the quilting fabrics you need. We use the most sophisticated and secure online shopping cart provided by Yahoo! We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Most orders are shipped the same day they are received* and will arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition....GUARANTEED!

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