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I Want to Introduce You To Our First Feature Friday Facebook Fan!

I am SO excited to share with you our very FIRST Feature Friday Facebook Fan!!

You see, when we started our online store over 4 months ago, I wanted to find a way to say thank you to our awesome Facebook Fans. Unfortunately, Facebook has all kinds of crazy rules about doing giveaways. You can’t “make” them post anything. You can’t “make” them upload anything. Blah blah blah

Yet, we had so many WONDERFUL friends on Facebook and I wanted to find SOME way to highlight our amazing friends. Some of them don’t have blogs, don’t tweet, and Facebook is the only way they communicate with us socially.

So each week we are going to grab up a fan from our Facebook Page, ask them some questions so we can get to know them a little better, and of course… I will send them a little present as a special thank you.

Who will be our next Feature Friday Facebook Fan???? You never know……

But for this week…..

I would like to introduce you to our very first Feature Friday Facebook Fan….

Mrs. Janet Yatska

Janet is an awesome beautiful lady that I can’t for all of you to meet! Whenever anyone has a question, she is always there to help. In our Quilting Book Club, you can always find her jumping right in to offer support. I think once you get to know her, you will see why she is so awesome.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? (Where are you from, a little bit about your family, and anything else you want to tell us)

Above all…I am truly blessed, God has been so good to me, and I am truly thankful!

I grew up in Jacksonville Arkansas, went to college but decided it would be better to go into the Navy so I could “see the world”  I retired from the Navy in 2003 in Bee Branch Arkansas on Greers Ferry Lake. My father built this house when I was young as “the lake house” and I bought I it from my parents when I retired and my husband and I have been adding on to it and renovating it.

I have 3 girls still at home identical twins Jordan and Justine are going to be seniors this year, Somer …my baby is going to be a Sophomore!  I have 2 grown and gone a Son Shane who is 23 and a step son Michael that is 28.  I have 1 grandson Caleb! he will be in first grade this year that I do not get to see often enough cause he lives in Texas.

Seems we are always taking in some extra’s  We have hosted 3 exchange daughters.. 2 from Switzerland and 1 from Thailand and over the years have hosted several other “daughters and son’s” that just needed a little help.

One of my children has Autism/Aspergers.  I homeschooled her from 5th through 8th grade and she is now back in a very small public school and off All meds associated with that.  She is doing fantastic!

We love animals and there is at least a half dozen running around here now, 3 cats, dog, indoor litter trained rabbit,  hamsters…and we’ve had plenty more assorted animals over the years, turtles, fish, horse.  My sister has cows and horses so we know all about them as well.

We have lived in Texas, Virginia and in Brawdy, Wales in the UK and now home to Arkansas.

We LOVE to travel and see new places and we are a very close knit family, we do as much as we can together.  I am SO Thankful for such wonderful children, they are really close to each other. My exchange children keep coming back!  So it’s like a reunion every few months!!

We are LOUD and messy but clean at the same time. We’re very musical especially my Husband he can play and teach anything and he does beautiful wood work (he can even sew) and we’re artsy, the girls paint and draw, name a craft and we have probably tried it! We love to cook together and my door “welcome” sign reads  “Welcome to Camp Run-A-Muck”  We’ve never met a stranger! Some of our sayings are “the more the Merrier”!!, “the door is Always open and the light is always on!!  I judge things by this saying “in 200 years…is it really going to matter?”  The girls are very involved in 4h and I was a 4H Leader as well as a Girl Scout leader, both I have given up now.

You’ll never go hungry or without a cup of coffee if you come to visit here.

My mother had a fall on Mother’s Day last year and broke her arm and hip and had multiple surgeries to replace and repair her hip arm and knee, so during that time I spent a lot of time on the road helping them staying with them and renovating their house. AND when this happened SHE was helping an elderly woman in the church 93 now, so I had to take that on also.   This year my sister has been ill and I have been going back and forth to her farm helping out.  SO It seems that I am ALWAYS on the go, My children are just great about this, and they understand the importance of helping your family when needed.  One of the girls has spent half the school year going to school and living with her on her farm. And I travel back and forth between.

We are also renovating a house in Harrison Ar so it seems like every time I come home my husband leaves again to go work on that house.  The door is constantly swinging.  LOL

When did you start sewing?

I started sewing when I was 12.  I was a very “overactive” child so my mom signed me up for sewing classes in the summer, hoping that it would calm me down and keep me busy.  I rode my bike back and forth from class.  (It didn’t work) but I did learn how to sew! LOL

When did you start quilting?

I did not start quilting until after I retired from the Navy in 2003. I just LOVE quilts and always wanted to make one. I have a passion for fabric and have collected it for years…Don’t we all. My first was a quilt my mother and I made together for my son. Then I saw some classes available in a town near here and went, the instructor was wonderful.

When you are about to make a quilt, do you prefer starting with a Jelly Roll, Layer Cake, Charm Packs, Fat Quarters, or Yardage?

My “stash” is… I know for sure over 5000 yards.. did I really just say that out loud?? I really wonder HOW far over the 5000 mark I am.. I admit it.. I am a fabric Hoarder..  LOL  but I do SHARE !!!  I always seem to pick other fabric than out of my stash for a new quilt, it’s whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

Do you mostly create from patterns/books or do you try to create your own designs and styles?

The first quilt was My mother and I’s design, but since that one I usually use patterns. She knows all the older patterns and tends to stay with those…cathedral window and bow tie are some favorites.

Which fabric manufacturer is your favorite? Moda, Free Spirit, Michael Miller, etc

I really like Moda and Thimbleberries but I can only get them online, there are not a lot of Fabric places around here so some of those you mentioned…I’ve never even “seen”…you know I mean “Felt”.. before.  My “stash” is a mixture from everywhere, including fabric from Thailand, Switzerland, antique stores, thrift shops, estate sales.  My exchange students brought me fabric from their countries.

What style of fabrics is your favorite? Traditional, Modern, etc

I lean towards Antique patterns, but I do not discriminate when it comes to Fabric.

When it comes to quilting, what challenges do you face?

The actual QUILTING. I am fond of hand quilting.  But the space and time are both issues.  I have tried to machine quilt.. did not go so good.  AND threading the needle of my machine… it has an automatic threader .. but I am ALSO Automatic needle threader Impaired.   Hehe  And I cannot SEE anymore to thread my needle!  Drives me crazy, I have 15 pairs of glasses and not one of them works like I want them to,  apparently according to the Ophthalmologist I am having some sight issues that glasses cannot fix.  I think I’d rather lose my hearing…So that is WHY I have kids…to thread the needle on my machine! LOL

What would you like to learn more about?

I Would LOVE to learn Long-arm and I just found a place I can rent machine time and take classes to do this. Of course those systems cost a zillion dollars so I doubt that I’ll ever get one but who knows…I just might.

What is your favorite part of quilting?

Picking MORE fabric!!!  And FINISHING one of course :) ( I’m not very good at getting past finishing the top.)

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE admiring all the quilts that other people make and share pictures of!

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a part of this on-line quilting group! I don’t have many neighbors and I live way out so the computer is really a great source for friends!

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Now you see why the sign reads Camp- Run-A-Muck.

I am also a painter…not of pictures but of walls.. I repaint rooms with the seasons…no lie and if anyone is painting…I’ll come help! :)

Someday I intend to paint a picture. I am a TRUE Left hander….. everything I do seems to be backwards.. if it’s going to go wrong it will happen to me…..there is NEVER enough time in any day… and only to soon all my kids will be grow and gone and my world will stop spinning :)……so… I will quilt.

The Winner of Our Super Duper Giveaway, A New Friday Feature, and More!

Hi Everyone :))

Sorry I have been so quiet the last few days. My first priority is to make sure all of our customers get there orders and second priority is going back to bed. *laughing*

This surgery has done a number on me and I think this is my 5th or 6th "big" surgery. I don't remember any of them taking me this long to get over but, I am getting older and the body is definitely getting well.... let's not go there shall we :)

I know everyone is anxious to find out who the big super duper winner is so let's get that out of the way!

Congrats to Pat V from Snohamish, Wa!!!
(Say that three times fast!!)

You know that I can't give out just one gift. It is just not in my nature. So I thought about how much it would suck to be the one RIGHT before and RIGHT after and since everyone seems to LOVE these super cute totes, these winners will get their own super cute tote for the summer.

So congrats to StaphMabry and SueBone!! 

We even grabbed them up in 2 more colors so make sure to email me your color choices :)

*These new colors and 2 other bags will be added to our Moda Home Collection tomorrow as soon as they arrive!*

Our two winners will choose between:




Our Next Giveaway

Stay tuned because our next super duper giveaway will be starting tomorrow. What are we giving away? Hmmmm I see fields of strawberries in our future. Do you see it too?


Tomorrow I will be announcing our very first Friday Facebook Fan of the Week. I am so excited!!

Each week we will be interviewing one of our amazing Facebook Fans and asking them questions about our favorite subject - quilting!

Plus, I will be sending them a very special thank you gift for being our Friday Facebook Fan.

More on that tomorrow

Jelly Roll Race Quilts

I have been getting several emails from quilters who are having a ball making Jelly Roll Race Quilts.

Please keep adding those pictures to our Flickr Group so we can still keep showing them off.

Here are a few more to show you from our awesome quilters :)

Remix Jelly Roll Race Quilt top

Jelly Roll Race - 1600 Quilt

Jelly Roll Race

Chris's Jelly Roll Race Quilt

More beautiful Jelly Roll Race Quilts Soon!

That's it for today. I think I rambled enough for an entire week!! *laughing*

I will be back tomorrow with our Facebook Fan of the Week and our next Super Giveaway!

If you thought the Jelly Roll Race was fun...Wait until you see THIS!!!

Remember those beautiful Jelly Roll Quilts we made on Memorial Day weekend?

Summer Races

We had so much fun racing to the end and creating beautiful quilts within 1-2 hours.

Erin Wilson - 1 Choice 4 Quilting Jelly Roll Race

I love looking at all the quilts and today I get to show you a few more that were created by our lovely racers.


I really love how different they all look....


How you can use an actual jelly roll.....

My Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Or create your own....


And it is always beautiful....

NancyJ Quilt2 (2)

Even the fall colors had me wishing it was fall again....

Jelly Roll Quilt 001

Just so I could see all the colors again....

Pumpkins and Cranberries2

But if you think this looks like fun...

Jelly Roll Race quilt top for 1Choice4Quilting contest/race !

Wait until I show you our Quilting Book Club.

We start with 1 book and vote on how many different patterns we want to create.

The club decided to make 4 quilts from Modern Basics by Amy Ellis and we are now on our second month.

We have just started our second week and we are making the Posie Patch Quilt.

Isn't it gorgeous????!!!!

This is a fun group to join because you WILL get those quilts completed. Look what Sue has done in just 10 days!

QBC June week 2

Each week you get an assignment and each week we give out prizes for completing your assignments :)


Week 1 - You pick out fabrics and cut
Week 2 - You make blocks
Week 3 - You turn those blocks into a quilt
Week 4 - You quilt your quilt

Easy :)

Plus, when you have questions...we are all here to help and the author is here to help too!!

So grab the book and grab a kit if you need one. Either way, just come join us for the fun and start making beautiful quilts each month. When Christmas comes around, you will be TOTALLY ready!

Our Amazing Jelly Roll Race...Great Ideas and Great Winners!!

Before we talk about the Jelly Roll Race, a few reminders:

1 - I love you all! We have the best customers, readers, fans, and friends. I miss talking to you all so much and hope the doctor lets me loose on Thursday when I see him again :))

2 - Thank you to all that have entered our new giveaway!! I love your comments and I love your feedback!

3 - Our 30% off sale is going great! Thank you everyone for your orders and I hope you like the goodies I have been sending with your orders!!

Now for the Jelly Race Info....

Our Jelly Roll Race on Indy 500 race day was SO much fun! I can't wait until we do it again :))

Hoot Hoot Race Top (2)

Not only did we get to make some new friends but, we had quilt tops completed in about 1 1/2 hours! That is totally awesome!


We had new ideas created - These would make great last minute hostess gifts.

These would also make really great (and fast) charity quilts.

They can also be split into 3 blankets and now you have 3 awesome baby quilts.

Jackie R. Jelly Roll Race Quilt 2 of 3

I hope to keep sharing pictures with you all week long of these beautiful quilts. If the Indy 500 can have a parade of cars, we can have a parade of quilts!!


Now let's get to some winners!!

I create a listed of 22 people who created theirs on time and added 3 more that added on after the race. Thank you everyone who joined in! Here are your name and numbers listed by order of blog posting:

1 - Caraquilts
2 - Wilma NC
3 - Lisa Marie
4 - LisaT
5- Quiltzyx
6 - Quilter in the Gap
7- Farmgal
8 - Rhonda
9 - Yia Yia Barbie
10 - Kathy
11 - Katrina
12 - Nancy
13 - Moewest
14 - Harleywife57
15 - Deb
16 - WandaFish
17 - Jeanne
18 - Lee
19 - Sunflower Skies
20 - Amanda
21 - Momof3boys
22 - Janet

After Race
23 - Jackie
24 - Barb in Mi
25 - Karen

We have 2 winners that will win a $50 Gift Card from 1 Choice 4 Quilting! Those 2 winners are:

 Congrats to WandaFish and Amanda!!

Even though we didn't tell anybody, we wanted to do another giveaway for all racers!! This time for a $25 gift card :)) That winner was:

Congrats Yia Yia Barbie!!

Gift card winners, please email me for your gift certificates :)

Now this was the first time we EVER did anything like this and we (Mike and I) wanted to do something kind of special for every one that joined into the race :)

So if you did not win... we want you to win something!!

The next time you place an order with us, big or small, we are going to send you one yard of any Bella Solid Color you want for free. This will make great binding for one of your quilts :)

To claim your one yard, place your order online and you will notice a comments section at the very bottom. Put a note in that comments box that you want to claim your Jelly Roll Prize and what color you would like us to send you. It would be REALLY helpful if you also include the SKU# which is usually 9900-???. There will be 2 or 3 numbers after the 9900. This way we make sure we send you the right color you want :)))

Thank you again EVERY one that participated. You all rock and I loved EVERY single quilt that was created!!

Our next SUPER awesome giveaway is HERE!!

I am so excited!!

I have been so busy adding all these great new fabrics to our website.

The good news....

We have some GORGEOUS new collections:

Penguin Pals
- Can't wait to make a quilt for my son who LOVES penguins.
Dogwood Trails - Could be my new fave!
Farmyard - This collection has really grown on me!
Anthology Fat Quarter Bundles - I can't make up my mind which one is my favorite because they are all so pretty!

We have restocked some of our customer favorites like:


The bad news....

I have had to mark over 200 fabrics 30% off!

That's right - we are getting ready for TONS of new fabric to arrive from Moda and we have to make some room on the shelves.

The good news again....

We have also added a sampling of some awesome notions and products from the Moda Home Collection and that is where you come in :))

We want your feedback.
  • What do you think of the notions?
  • What do you think of the items from the Moda Home Collection?
  • Would you like to see us carry more of these type of items?
  • What would you like us to carry in the future?

The GREAT news....

We are giving one lucky reader a really awesome goodie bag. Not just any goodie bag either... a Moda Goodie bag!!

Let's see what you could win...

First, we need something for you to carry all your goodies in, so we picked out this super cute Swell Everyday Bag from Moda. This tote is awesome and you will love the size!! It's made with vinyl on the outside and cotton on the inside. It's the perfect bag for EVERY thing and EVERY day!

Since this tote is 13" x 17", we are going to have to fill it up!

Let's start by adding some awesome Creative Grid Rulers from our Notions Department. I love love love these rulers!! I have tried many different kinds and LOVE the grip on these bad boys. I am going to pick out 3 sizes to add to this bag.

While we are in this department, let's also pick up a Let's Twist Book to add to our bag.

Wait, we can't have the book without the tool! Let's add the Twister Tool into the bag too!

Finally, your going to need some fabric in your bag to play with too!

Let's add 6 one yard cuts of Bella Solids.

Plus, one Dogwood Trails Layer Cake to use with your new Twister tool!

Yep. That should fill up your new bag from Moda nicely. Don't you think?

So what do you have to do to win this AWESOME gift set?

Well, luckily we have given you 5 chances to win!!

1. Please leave your first comment by providing us some feedback. Yes, we read EVERY comment :) What do you think of the new notions and Moda Home products? Would you like us to carry more of them in the future? What else would you like to see us add to our website in the upcoming months?

2. If you decide to follow our blog (left column under what's new) or you already do follow us, leave us another comment letting us know you have.

3. If you decide to Follow us on Twitter or you already do, leave us another comment letting us know you have. We would love it if you would retweet our giveaway too :) That would be AWESOME!!

4. If you decide to head over to our Facebook page and click on the Like Button (OR use the toolbar below). Then leave us another comment letting us know you did!

5. If you decide to blog about our giveaway and tell all of your friends, please leave us a comment letting us know you did with the URL of your blog post. We REALLY appreciate our bloggers!!

This giveaway will end Monday 10:00 PM Eastern June 13th.

If you do go shopping, don't forget to use coupon code bella for an extra 10% off all Bella Solids and make sure to visit our 30% off page before quantities are sold out :)

The Super Duper Giveaway List of Winners

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for being so patient with me getting up this list of winners.

With just having surgery less than 2 weeks ago, my time online is very limited and our customers had to come first :) Now that it is Sunday and all orders are taken care of... I finally get time to take care of all of our winners.


PLUS... I have been crazy busy adding all sorts of new fabric to our website and a couple of brand new collections. I smell another giveaway starting tonight. Do you smell it too?

I just have to finish adding the new quilt kits, some AMAZING notions you will love, and a few Moda Home products to our site that I picked up that I know you are just going to adore! Once I finish all that... then I can post another awesome giveaway.

I have finished adding the over 20 new Bella Solids to the website so if you are in the need for some, just use coupon code bella for an extra 10% off :)

If you haven't used these solids yet, oh my gosh you are missing out! They are great for sashing, borders, and backings. I use to use cheap backings for my quilts until I realized... I just spent good money and a lot of time on the top... why am I buying crap for the back that could ruin everything I worked hard on?

Needless to say, that was the last time I did that. Just something to think about :))

Ok, enough rambling for me and sorry for that. I just REALLY miss talking to you all!!

Time for the winners:

I went to Random.org and I asked it to pull 10 numbers for me. Those 10 numbers were...

Then I went to our blog comments and found those winners. Here is the big list of our Super Duper Giveaway in order of prizes and in order of the numbers shown above:
#800 - 5 Yards of Bella Solids. Your choice of colors! Winner: MaryAnn from Rocknquilts! Thank you for being a follower!!

#287 - 5 Yards of Bella Solids. Your choice of colors! Winner: Natasha from Spicer Quilts in Canada. Thank you for being a follower!

#74 - $40 Gift Certificate from Cap Creations. Winner: Lavender Lane who says she is a legal Twitter Stalker. Thank you for the laugh!!!

#342 - 6 oz. tube of Camille Beckman from Kats Boutique. Winner: Sarah from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. She had a busy day and could use a nice soothing lotion.

#463 - Kiss of Youth Facial Care Set from Luna Jardin. Winner: Stray Stitches who said there is a lot of tension. Honey you need this Facial Care set then and if you ever need an ear... I am here too *hugz*

#394 - Stormy Seas Bath Set from Luna Jardin. Winner: Krisgray who is a Farm Girl Transplant also went to Indy500 if I am not mistaken. After having a blast like that, she could use this bath set!!

#145 - Your choice of Sudoku Quilt Kit. Winner: Robin from Quilty as Charged. She is a loyal follower and thank you for blogging about our giveaway! Hope your dad is recovering well from surgery!!

#379 - Your choice of Sudoku Quilt Kit. Winner: Debra from Evansville, Indiana. Poor lady was having an awful day when she posted and we really hope this will cheer her up *hugz*

#820 - Your choice of any Jelly Roll or Layer Cake. Winner: Flo at Butterfly Quilting who shared the information on her blog - Thank you!

#316 - Your choice of any Jelly Roll or Layer Cake. Winner: Merce who was working with decoupage. Hope that went well!
Winners - please use our contact us page and include the following information:

Your Name
Your Address
Your Email Address
Your Pick (if you have one)

We will either send your gift out tomorrow or forward your contact information to the store that will send your winnings :)

Thank you to EVERYBODY who joined us for this awesome giveaway!!!

I will be posting the Jelly Roll Winners tomorrow. Check out the 1 Choice 4 Quilting Facebook Page for more info *wink*

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