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From the Bottom of My Heart.... Thank You!!

It has been a long day and even longer weekend with hubby gone for most of it. I was hoping to draw winners from our Super Duper Giveaway and our Jelly Roll Race today but, it will have to wait until tomorrow. I need to get some rest so we can fill all of your orders from this weekend :)



I give thanks.

Thank you to all those that served in the military yesterday, today, and those that will tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day to you and your families too.

Thank you to my husband and Daddy for serving and helping to keep us all safe.

Thank you to my family for putting up with me and taking care of always.

Finally, I want to thank all of you.

Every day you make me laugh out loud, you make me cry happy tears, and touch my heart in more ways than I can tell you.

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion of color and design.

Thank you for allowing me to get to know you through your blogs, your comments on our blog, on Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you for all the new friendships I have made.

Thank you for supporting, praying, and helping me get through not only my surgery.... but recovery too.

Thank you for being you.

Goodnight my friends. I will see you tomorrow!


Don't forget our 10% coupon ends tonight! Use coupon code memorial and take advantage of 10% off your ENTIRE order :))))

Ladies & Gentlemen.... Start Your Sewing Engines! The Jelly Race has now started!

I am so excited for today and I hope you are too!

It's time for the Jelly Roll Race!!

Are you ready to go? Well, start your sewing engines because you have the next 24 hours to complete your race!

Don't have a Jelly Roll? Create your own from your stash of fabrics really fast and let's get started!!

Here are your race instructions:

Pre-Race (hopefully previously completed)

Sew all your 2 1/2" strips into one very long strip ---> more details


Pick one side of your 1600" long strip and cut off 18." Throw this piece away. This helps make your quilt look totally random and totally awesome :)

Green Flag - GO! GO! GO! GO!

Find the beginning and the end of your strip. Place right sides together and start sewing that beautiful quarter inch seam all the way down. When you get down to the very end, use a pair of scissors to cut the jelly roll in half, and complete the rest of the seam.

Pit Stop #1

You are now left with a strip that is 800" long. Awesome right? Don't ask your pit crew to do any ironing yet. Instead, head out for Lap #2

Lap #2

Locate the beginning and the end of the strips again. Put those right sides together and sew a quarter inch seam all the way down. Same thing as you did in Lap #1. Get to the very end, use your scissors to cut in half, and complete the rest of the seam.

Lap #3 - 5

You are doing great! Grab some water, coffee, anything it takes to keep going! Repeat the process of sewing the beginning and the end a total of 5 times. Each time your strip will get shorter and shorter and wider and wider until you have your 48" x 64" quilt!

Pit Stop #2

Head on over to the pit area and press those seams! Press them in the same directions and trim your sides up so they are nice and even.

Pit Stop #3

Put your beautiful new quilt on a chair, the floor, outside in the grass, or anywhere else you can and snap up a picture of that gorgeous new quilt. Head on over to our Flickr, upload your picture, and add it to our 1 Choice 4 Quilting Group.

If your pit crew needs ANY help:
  • Adding the picture to Flickr, add it your blog and send me a link. 
  • Don't have a blog? Email your picture directly to me by emailing info@1c4q.com 
Just get us the picture! We will upload to Flickr for you!

The Final Lap!!

Enter our contest by leaving a comment below with your any thoughts you may have and please let us know your Flickr Name too.

You have until Monday, May 30th, 12:00 PM Eastern to complete your race.


Do the happy dance!!

We will pick 3 lucky winners tomorrow at random and we can't wait to see all of your pictures!!

By the way, what do our 3 winners win?? Why $50 Gift Certificates to shop at our store of course! This way they can buy another Jelly Roll and some backing for their next quilt :)

Check out the video below to see a group of ladies racing to the finish line doing the Jelly Roll Race!! It might help to bring all the directions to life :)

Don't forget to cut the first 18" off!!

HUGE thank you Chelley for telling me about this awesome idea and thank you Heirloom Creations for sharing this idea with all of us :))


If you have ANY questions... please post on our Facebook page. I will be doing my best to check once every hour for new questions but, please remember I am still on major pain meds from my surgery so if I fall asleep during the day... SORRY in advance *gigglin*!!

If you see someone has a question and you can help... please do so and THANK YOU!!

*hugz to you all*


If you need backing for your new quilt, make sure to use coupon code memorial for an extra 10% off!! We have been getting in some GORGEOUS Bella Solids and have over 20 additional colors arriving next week. I am sure we have one to match your quilt :)

Good luck everyone and GO GO GO!

Ladies & Gentlemen... Get Ready for Jelly Roll Race Carb Day

If you haven't heard, we are holding a Jolly Roll Race this Sunday starting at 12:00 PM Eastern.

It is going to be TONS of fun and you have a chance at winning some great prizes :)

Make sure to read all the details.

I made some slight changes including extending the hours to 24 hours. This quilt top will only take you a few hours at most to complete though. The fastest time was completed in 35 minutes.

This is a fun, simple, and quick quilt you will love making!


You have to get ready for the race and the last day of practice at Indy is known as Carb Day soooooo

Get Ready for Carb Day!!

Here is what you need to do in order to be ready for race time!

1. Clean your car (aka sewing machine)

2. Change your oil (just a drop or two)

3. Give your car new tires (aka a new needle)

4. Open up your jelly roll and mix it all up. Don't have a jelly roll? Go hit that stash of yours and cut up 40 strips. We want them to be 2 1/2 inches by 40 inches each. Create Your Own Jelly Roll Tutorial

5. Sew your strips end to end to end to end to end :) Just like you do to make bindings. You are going to create one very looooooooooooooong strip. A 1600 inch strip to be exact!

Sew these strips together straight across to save time or make this quilt really stand out by sewing them together diagonal. Again... just like sewing your binding strips.

Then come back to our blog at 12:00 PM Eastern on Sunday for all the final details of the race.

Make sure you spread the word about the event and enter into our pre-race giveaway too!!

Good luck everyone!!


Don't forget to take an extra 10% off your ENTIRE purchase of $50 or more this Memorial Weekend using coupon code memorial

Ladies and Gentlemen....Get Ready To Start Your Sewing Engines!! You Will LOVE This GIVEAWAY!

Since 1987, my husband has attended almost every single Indy 500 race. The ONLY two he missed were for his son's and nephew's graduation. They had the nerve to hold graduation on race weekend. *laughing*

So when my husband heard I had to have surgery, his first response was....

"I am still going to Indy!"

I had to laugh and say, "Of course you are honey."

Although I am completely heartbroken, all my boys just drove out of our driveway for Indy without me.

Oh how I wish I could have gone along too!! However, doctor told me today that I am having some problems with the recovery stages of my surgery and I am stuck in bed for another 2 weeks. YUCK!!

We can NOT let the guys have all the fun! We need our own race.

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Get Ready to Start Your Sewing Engines!!

This Sunday, May 29th, when those Indy Cars start racing... we are going to have our own race... a Jelly Roll Race!! (Thank you know who and you know who which I will post on race day *wink*) No peeking!!

Fabric Needed:

1 Jelly Roll

I know you have a Jelly Roll sitting around the house that you just can't seem to find the right fit for. It has been waiting ever so patiently for you to pull it out and play with it.

Guess what?

This weekend...  it is time to play!

PLUS... there are going to be PRIZES. You know how much I love to give away some prizes. (I hope you are entered into our current super duper giveaway too)

We will be giving away prizes here on our blog just for helping us spread the word AND we will pick 3 random winners from those who complete the Jelly Roll Race within the time specified.

Easy as pie right?

**Updated** Slammmmmmmmmmm on the brakes!!
Don't have an extra Jelly Roll? No problem! Create your own :) Cut 42 Strips 2.5" x 44"

So here is how it will work:

  • Tomorrow I will be posting your pre-race prep work.
  • The official Jelly Roll Race will kick off at 12:00 PM Eastern
  • The full directions for the race (quilt top pattern) will be posted on our blog 10 minutes prior to start time.
  • You will have 12 hours 24 hours to complete your assignment. The fastest time completed was 35 minutes so you will have PLENTY of time to make the finish line. Got a party to go to during the day? Race at night! Anyone can enter this race!
    **Updated** Changed to 24 hours so we can fit in all time zones :))
  • After you complete your quilt top, snap a picture, upload it to our Flickr Group, and post the link on our blog - WE WILL HAVE A SPECIFIC POST FOR POSTING PICTURES.

That's it.


And to help you finish up your quilt and make it absolutely beautiful, we are having a HUGE Sale this Memorial weekend...

Take an extra 10% off your ENTIRE purchase of $50 or more using coupon code memorial

Our prices are already marked down 20%-30% off and now you get an EXTRA 10% off :)

Make sure to grab up the fabric you need for backing and binding!! We have a large selection of Bella Solids in stock and with your coupon code; it's about $5 a yard. That is an awesome price.

PLUS - Well... I got in some really amazing goodies. You know how much I love to put goodies in your orders? Well... I just received a HUGE box of brand new goodies. I had completely ran out and this is a HUGE box!! *gigglin*

I love sharing :)

Speaking of sharing... let's get our first part of this contest going. Let's spread the word about our Jelly Roll Race!!

Here is how to help and 5 chances to enter the first part of our giveaway:

1. Leave 1 comment by answering the following question - What do you think about the Jelly Roll Race?

2. If you decide to follow our blog (left column under what's new) or you already do follow us, leave us another comment letting us know you have.

3. If you spread the word about our Jelly Roll Race on Twitter, leave another comment with your Twitter name.

4. If you pass on the information on Facebook, leave another comment.

5. If you blog about our giveaway, leave another comment with a link to your blog.

There you go, 5 chances to win.

Good luck everyone and let's get ready to race!!!

P.S. Make sure your pit crew has your sewing machine nice and clean for race day :)

The Super Duper Duper Super Fabric Giveaway - With LOTS of Extras and TEN winners!!

I have been waiting to do this giveaway and I am super excited to show you!

With everything that has been going on lately and surgery on Tuesday, I am ready for some fun!!! So let's get started :))

First, we are LOVING Bella Solids and every week we are bringing in new inventory!

1 Lucky Winner is going to pick 5 yards of their favorite Solid Colors.

Scratch that. This is the SUPER DUPER Giveaway!

2 Lucky Winners are going to pick 5 yards of their favorite Solid Colors

Use coupon code bella this weekend EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 22nd, and you can purchase all the Bella Solids you want for about $5 a yard!

Second, we decided to ask some friends of ours if they would pitch in some really amazing prizes. So let's see what they did!

Our friends over at CapsCreations have donated a

$40 gift certificate for 1 lucky winner!! 

They make beautiful custom jewelry that you are going to love!

Then my friend over at KatsBoutique decided to join in on the fun too! She has all kinds of great products made by women for women.

1 Lucky Winner 6 oz tube of the Best Handcream ever, Camille Beckman, in your choice of scent!

Unscented, Tuscan Honey, Camille, Mango Beach, Lime Leaves, Secret Sea, English Lavender, 25 or Morelia Monarch.

Not done with the giveaways yet!

Our very good friend Karen Locker has an awesome store called Luna Jardin. You have to check it out!! All the products are handmade and smell so yummy!!

1 Lucky Winner will win the Kiss of Youth Facial Care Set

This awesome set comes with toner, facial mask, and facial cream. Retail value is $42.95!!

1 Lucky Winner will also win the Stormy Seas Bath Set.

This is made with milk bath sachet, handmade soap and shea butter lotion. Heaven bundled in a little set.

Yep, we need a chance to RELAX and these are the perfect little gifts!

Are we done now with the giveaways?

Come on guys. You know me better than that!!

This lovely little quilt top was made by my mother (so proud)! She made it with our simple and easy Sudoku Kits

2 Winners will get their choice of Sudoku Kits

Central Park, Lovely, Oasis, or Perennials. 

Finally, because well this is the big super duper giveaway... 

2 Winners are going to pick out ANY Jelly Roll or Layer Cake of their choice!


If you place an order this weekend and your order ends in a 0, we are sending you an extra pound of fabric - FREE. Yep, we have scraps that need to go to a good home. They are lovely scraps indeed. 

Look at your confirmation email and you will find the Order Number. If it is 800, 810, 820, etc - you win!! No minimum purchase necessary. The goal here is to have fun and share fabric!!

So use your bella coupon code for 10% off Bella Solids Yardage, check out all the new 30% off items, make sure you view all the new Moda Products that have just arrived, have fun shopping, and cross your fingers you win even more!

We are giving you 5 separate chances to win and recommend doing them all. After all, there are going to be TEN winners!

1. Answer the following question by leaving a comment on below - How was your day?

2. If you decide to follow our blog (left column under what's new) or you already do follow us, leave us another comment letting us know you have.

3. If you decide to Follow us on Twitter or you already do, leave us another comment letting us know you have. We would love it if you would retweet our giveaway too :) That would be AWESOME!!

4. If you decide to head over to our Facebook page and click on the Like Button (OR use the toolbar below). Then leave us another comment letting us know you did!

5. If you decide to blog about our giveaway and tell all of your friends, please leave us a comment letting us know you did with the URL of your blog post. Last time we had a special drawing specifically for our bloggers and you never know... we might do that again *wink*

BONUS - Check out some of our amazing friends that have donated AMAZING prizes. Leave us another comment letting us know you did and what you thought about them :)
If you are a Facebook user having ANY problems leaving a comment, here is a tutorial:

Since this is a SUPER DUPER SUPER Giveaway we are going to close comments and draw winners on Sunday May 29th at 10:00 PM Eastern. This will be plenty of time after my surgery Tuesday and I can make sure I am back in front of the computer to give away those great prizes!!

HUGE Apology with a Touch of Quilting Inspiration

I know we were supposed to have a giveaway and I am so sorry I haven't posted that yet. I have been going through some difficult family issues lately that I won't bore you with PLUS trying to get ready for surgery on Friday.

What I have decided to do is have a HUGE giveaway that starts Friday. Not only will we be giving away LOTS of fabric but, I have partnered with some other amazing websites to giveaway some other AMAZING gifts to you all. I am calling it my SUPER DUPER Surgery Giveaway. Trust me on this - it is an amazing giveaway!! We have several prizes valued at over $40.

I love sharing :))

Now let's get to something really fun!

Quilt Inspiration
  • Sometimes you want to work outside of the lines. 
  • Sometimes you want to create your own pattern. 
  • Sometimes you just want to be you.

How do you start the process?

Look around you for quilt inspiration.

Head over to your local quilt shop and you will find lots of inspiration for your next quilt.

Attend a Quilt Show and look for new and inspiring ideas

Sometimes just a simple trip to a local store like Ikea that carries rugs will give you instant inspiration.

Heading downtown? Look at the beautiful buildings and find your next masterpiece.

Make sure that you look up

And Down

And sideways in the restroom too :)

For the BEST inspiration EVER....

Just look at the ones you love most in the world.

What has inspired you lately?

To help you create your inspiration, take an extra 10% off all Bella Solids Yardage using coupon code bella. Coupon expires Sunday May 15th!

Thank you for your opinion :) It means a LOT to me!!

Let me first start with saying thank you so much for giving me your opinion about adding that little bit of insurance to our website.

After calling BuySafe, they have offered to let us all try out their guarantee for free and see if we like it.

I couldn't pass that up!

So we (meaning you and I) shall give it a try and see what happens :)

To recap, here is what you will get with every purchase from 1 Choice and our new BuySafe Guarantee:
  • $500 Purchase Guarantee – a third party guarantee of the terms of sale
  • $10,000 ID Theft Protection – comprehensive identity theft coverage
  • $100 Lowest Price Guarantee – if the store price drops within 30 days of a purchase

Of course, that is on top of all the other goodies we give you too!

Watch for a new giveaway starting tomorrow and thank you again every one!

Why Choose Us?

Because we promise you:
  • We will find patterns and kits that work with your busy schedule.
  • We will find tools that help you save time.
  • We will find you precut or bundled fabrics that will save you time and money.
  • We will give you free shipping on all domestic orders.
  • We will ship all items USPS Priority Mail. This saves money and in most cases will arrive to your home in 1-3 business days.
  • We will ship your order the same day if purchased by 4:00 PM Eastern Monday through Friday.
The most important promise of 1 Choice 4 Quilting -

We will give you the absolute BEST customer service!


We are #1 in Customer Service - We have been operating online stores for over 10 years. Our customers all agree that 1 Choice goes above and beyond to make sure that you, our customer, is always put first. Shop online 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all the quilting fabrics you need. We use the most sophisticated and secure online shopping cart provided by Yahoo! We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Most orders are shipped the same day they are received* and will arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition....GUARANTEED!

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