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Reversible Bag Tutorial featuring Ticklish by Me & My Sister Designs

Over the last several tutorials we have done some really fun quilts.  We used many different designers and some fabulous bloggers lent their talents and made some beautiful one of a kind patterns.

Our last jelly roll tutorial was amazing and I want to congratulate Debbie Smith who posted her finished quilt top to our Flickr page to win a red, white and blue fat quarter bundle!!

For the next several tutorials, we are going to take a break from quilting and complete some other simple fun projects.  These projects should be kept in the back of your mind for easy reference and will be able to be made quickly for gifts or even for a new look for yourself or home.

We will start with a Reversible Bag Tutorial.  Still need a kit?  Purchase your reversible bag kit here for just $14.99.  I found that this bag went together very easily and after making a few, could go extremely quick when you need the perfect match for an outfit. Not only did I make one but Sofia also made one for her teacher for an end of the school year teacher gift.    I am super proud of how well she is sewing!!  Here are the bags we made:

Here is Mom's Bag
Here is Sofia's bag

 As I researched online looking for a great pattern I came across a blog by Novita at verypurpleperson.com.  With her permission I am sharing her free pattern and instructions.

There are two fabric choices you can go with here.  You can chose a heavier fabric or go with cotton with some interfacing as we are doing here.

Your first plan of action is to download and print the Reversible Bag Pattern.  Get it cut and taped together.  You can also download the Reversible Bag Instructions courtesy of verypurpleperson.com as well as follow along here.  I have added some modifications that worked really well for me.

In your kit you received two 1/2 yard cuts.  Fold them lengthwise and pin the pattern to 1/2 and cut your fabric.  You will repeat this 4 times and again twice for the interfacing if you choose to use it.

Now that little piece that you cut off just before you cut the second piece is the perfect size for the front/inside pocket.  Save that to the side. 

You should now have 4 pieces of equal proportion.

Grab that little piece you saved to make a pocket.  All I did was fold it in half, print sides together and sewed completely closed, locking my stitch at the beginning and end.  Cut the excess off to round the bottom.  I then made a straight cut across the top and turned right sides out.  Iron flat with 1/4 inch seams folded in at the top.  Sew straight across to seal top.  Pin the pocket to the front of on half of your purse.  Sew around the outside and wa la....you've got yourself a pocket.  Trust me it's better to decide you want the pocket now.  This pocket is just the perfect side for a cellphone.  I like mine to be easily accessible.

I used the reverse prints as the pockets and I love how it came out. 

Your next step is to apply the interfacing on the back side of one the set of prints.  If you purchased the kit your interfacing came with instructions.  Feel free to use them.  I need a new iron so I found it took me a little longer than it should so depending on your iron type be patient.  I needed steam and alot of it!!

Now pin your two pieces print sides together.   Sew together only the bottom edges as stated in step 2 of the pdf.  Repeat for non-interfaced set as well.

Put the two sets into each other still working with the wrong sides.  And sew the top and the straps together but be sure to leave them open by about 4-5 inches as in step 3 of the printed pdf. 

Turn your bag right side out through one of the straps.  If you used interfacing, this will be a little tougher but take your time because the extra support will be well worth the extra effort. 

You're almost there!  Now to complete the straps! Double check that all of your straps are the same length.  This is important for making sure you have a flawless finish =)  If you need to cut off any excess as shown below.

Now you can sew each strap together making sure you are sewing the right straps together!! 

Iron all the sets down and pin the straps together.  Fabric Glue or fusible tape works well too but pinning is usually my method of choice.

 Having received several aurafil thread spools at the Quilt Market last month, I decided to grab a beautiful turquoise blue that matched perfectly. 

I stitched the remaining tops of the straps together taking my stitching all the way around the fronts, sides and straps of the bag to give it a finished look.  

I absolutely love the way my bag turned out.  I plan to make several more with varying collections.  Why not?  A girl can never have too many bags, right?

Please comment below with any questions you run into.  Post your finished back on the Flickr page or on Instagram @1choice4quilting.  Thanks for Quilting Along!  Hope everyone has fun!!


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